Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Clean it out!

This bedroom was a disaster after the water damage it incurred from a busted pipe. It was a big mess but SERVPRO of Sylmar/San Fernando was there to help clean ... READ MORE

Water damages

This closet was a water damage client that had a pipe burst in the attic right above it. It caused a big headache for the owner of the home. They needed immedia... READ MORE

When the ceiling comes falling down...

When the ceiling of this beautiful residential home came falling down SERVPRO was there to rescue this amazing family. We got the call and went running to asses... READ MORE

Don't let a little water get you SERVPRO of Sylmar/ San Fernando

Water damage can be really annoying and awful to deal with. It can bring loss of personal belongings and damage to home. Do not let it linger for too long as it... READ MORE

Leaky Roof?

When there is a strong storm or rainfall, the chance of your roof leaking is very common especially if you haven't had it inspected in a long time. This photo s... READ MORE

Ever have your ceiling collapse?

It is a scary feeling to have your ceiling collapse on you without warning. This client had this happen to him but SERVPRO of Sylmar/San Fernando was there to h... READ MORE