Recent Before & After Photos

Water damage at work

Some of the businesses in the Sylmar/ San Fernando area are old and located in home-like units. This Insurance Office is one of those old businesses that unfort... READ MORE

Mold in the workplace?

Mold can peek it's ugly little head anywhere, even at work. This is a restroom in a business unit and they had some water damage that was not taken care of in t... READ MORE

fire from down under

Fires can start anywhere and from almost anything. In this case there was some fire damage in the crawl space of this home. As you can see from the pictures the... READ MORE

Soot and smoke is not fun

It might be hard to see but this home was affected with smoke and soot damage and it needed to be cleaned up. Lucky for them SERVPRO of Sylmar/ San Fernando was... READ MORE

Nasty mold in the attic!

This home owner was concerned when they smelt something disgusting coming from a small area in their home. The smell was really musty. After having our techs co... READ MORE

Water can lead to mold

It starts with a simple case of water damage but can quickly turn into mold. In this case we have both water and mold damage so we had to act fast. As you can s... READ MORE

Here comes the rain again!

This water damage was caused by a big storm that had past. It caused the floor to have damage which required SERVPRO to take it all out. As you can see the floo... READ MORE

Don't let the rain in...

When you know there is a big storm coming you might want to just double check that your windows are closed and sealed. This client had no idea that he forgot a ... READ MORE

Clean it out!

This bedroom was a disaster after the water damage it incurred from a busted pipe. It was a big mess but SERVPRO of Sylmar/San Fernando was there to help clean ... READ MORE

Water damages

This closet was a water damage client that had a pipe burst in the attic right above it. It caused a big headache for the owner of the home. They needed immedia... READ MORE